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Leading Company in Telecommunication with The most Advanced and innovative Voice Over Ip system tailored to your needs
Introducing Ai Powered Voice Bot 1-With our Ai you can have an automated answering system that will allow users to speak to an Ai before live Agent answers 

2-Cutting-Edge Tech: Allows defined departments that will be transferred with voice commands  

3-Ai will simplify redundant questions answered automaticly by Ai once asked 

Some of what we offer
Voice to voice ComunicationVideo Calls Video Chat system and presentation
Video Calls Video Chat system and presentationstandard video call on the app or video call capable devices web meeting with chat screen share and file share system with integrated recording presentation video conferencing for all you presentation needs
Go mobile with sms and mobile app for on the gowith our mobile app you can take the work to where ever you are
our sms system handles texting and mms pictures
third party phone pass like zoiper and beria are also comparable but not needed
Company wide chat system with Teams integrationIntegrated chat system from the online system and also full integration with the teams chat and call system
What are our prices We have 3 different price packages starting from basic to enterprise to accommodate from smallest of shops to the largest call centers
$19.99/ monthly
. voicemail. web access. web phone. multiple concurrent calls
. all the basic functions. automated IVR. call groups. sms
$29.99/ monthly
. all the features from enhanced . drop ins and join call. monitoring and stats . call center management system. vi board reporting live and emailed
Additional functions and the pricing available on request
Why Choose Us over our competition 1-24/7 Support: Our round-the-clock assistance keeps your call center running smoothly.

2-Cutting-Edge Tech: Stay ahead with our latest VoIP solutions for small and full-scale centers.

3-Cost-Efficient: Save on communication costs compared to traditional systems.

4-Scalable: Easily expand or adjust services as your business grows.
Reliability: Guaranteed uptime, crystal-clear voice quality, and robust security.

Choose us for a reliable partner in achieving call center success. Contact Dcyber group today.
Need Fax ? We provide if you need a fax to email and or email to fax we got you covered

1-Cost Savings: VoIP typically costs less than traditional phone systems, especially for long-distance and international calls. Many VoIP providers offer competitive pricing and unlimited calling plans.

2-Flexibility: VoIP allows you to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection, making it ideal for remote work and travel. It also supports various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

3-Feature-rich: VoIP systems often come with a wide range of features like call forwarding, voicemail, video conferencing, and virtual phone numbers. These features enhance communication and productivity.

4-Scalability: VoIP systems can easily scale up or down to accommodate your business's changing needs without significant hardware upgrades.
Integration: VoIP systems can integrate with other business tools and applications like CRM software, enhancing customer service and workflow efficiency.

5-Quality: With a stable internet connection, VoIP can provide high-quality voice and video calls.

6-Portability: You can keep your phone number even if you move locations, as long as you have an internet connection.

7-Unified Communications: VoIP systems often integrate voice, video, chat, and file sharing in a single platform, streamlining communication.
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